Septic System Installation and Repairs


  • Extensive Design Experience
  • Certified Waterloo Biofilter Installer
  • Equipment and Experience to handle challenging Installs

Maintaining your septic system is an important part of protecting your overall system, however; sometimes-regular maintenance simply isn’t enough to save a damaged, outdated or home expansion septic.

Our crew can offer specific repairs solutions to current systems.

We also offer custom designs that are engineered to meet the requirements of industrial, commercial, or residential septic demands.

We specialize in being able to install septic systems due to space or challenge ground issues.

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Waterloo Biofilter

Waterloo Biofilter is a Canadian-owned and operated company. There systems are designed to provide high quality treatment, with lower electricity consumption. Waterloo Biofilter thrives on providing solutions in septic technology that help to protect our natural environment and water supplies.